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Rise of the Collectors TV Show

If you are a collector, you understand the joy this hobby can bring. Now TV shows have started to cater to this audience. There are a few TV shows out there that you should know about in this category.

American Pickers

The interesting thing about this show is that they go to homes and garages to sort through random items to find the ones they want to buy. Part of the show's popularity is that it allows people a chance to learn about the different items and what their value is. It is also ideal for anyone who wants to sell some of their collection, but doesn't know how to get started. You watch them buy items, clean them up and sell them in their store to make a tidy profit.

Pawn Stars

This is another popular show you will find on the History Channel, available through The premise of the show is people bring in their items to a pawn shop in Las Vegas and try to sell it to the shop. Watching the proprietors haggle prices with the sellers is usually funny and informative. There are many historical pieces that come through the shop and you get an opportunity to learn about the value of these items and the history of the item as well. When the workers at the pawn shop are not entirely sure of the value or authenticity, they call in experts who are able to give more insight on the piece.

Antiques Roadshow

This is the oldest and best known of the hobbyist TV shows. The show travels to different cities and people are able to bring in items from their home to find out how much they are worth. It is interesting because people do not always find out that they have a gem. In almost every episode someone finds out that a piece they thought was worth a lot of money simply is not. However, the appraisers here are very good about reminding the people that sometimes the sentimental value will outweigh the monetary value of an item and that is an important aspect to remember.

Picked Off

This show is essentially a cross between Antiques Roadshow and The Amazing Race. Contestants must race to find the item that will be worth the most and the winner of the episode gets $10,000. It is unique to this genre of TV show in that it adds more drama and suspense, while still catering to hobbyists crowd.

Toy Hunter

This show focuses on finding valuable old toys and helping people understand the value of the items they have. While this may be the nightmare of any mother of grown children who can see the value now in all the old toys their children lost, it is actually a fun show to watch. For many, this show is great simply from a nostalgic point of view, seeing toys they had or wanted as a child. There is also a lot of information you can learn about the toys, including reasons the toys were built or the history behind them.


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